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A "Borostyánút Expedíció" / Amber Expedition in Scarbantia 2010-2011


Összefoglaló jelentés a "Borostyánkő Expedíció" nemzetközi projekt scarbantiai, soproni eseményeiről:
Final report about the events of the „Amber Expedition” organized in Scarbantia / Sopron. (Written by J. Gömöri. Pdf (3.69 MB)

Content of the final report

- Opening of the exhibition „The Roman Limes and the Amber Road in Scarbantia” 1st June – 27th June 2010, Forum Museum (Scarbantia Fóruma Múzeumi Kiállítóhely), Sopron

- Participation at the events of the Amber Expedition project in Kalisz. 10th June- 12th June 2010 (J. Gömöri's lecture about the remains of the Amber Road in Sopron).

- Amphitheatre Games and street festival in Sopron. 4th July 2010

- Participation at the events of the Amber Expedition project in Adria. 23rd September- 26th Sept. 2010. (J. Gömöri's lecture about Scarbantia)

- Competition for school children about the Amber Road in Sopron. Together with the preparatory lectures in the museums, from 1st October till 22nd Oct. 2010

- Study-adventure-excursion on the Amber Road by bus for the winners of the competition for school children, from Sopron to the „Carnuntum Archaeological Park”, Petronell, Austria. 23rd October 2010

- Participation at the events of the Amber Expedition project in Martin. 3rd June- 4th June 2011 (J. Gömöri)

- Exhibiting of the Roman carriage on Scarbantia’s Roman forum, in the centre of Sopron. Organizing attractions near the exhibited carriage. 4th July- 12th August 2011.

- Opening of the exhibition „New discovery of the Amber Road”, Markus Zohner’s photo exhibition. Prepared by the „Österreichische Bernsteinstrasse” Poysdorf, Weinviertel, NÖ (Sopron, Ferenc Liszt Cultural Centre). 9th July 2011.

- Opening of the exhibition „Magic of Amber” from the "Museum of Earth, Warsaw" in the Sopron Museum, 9th July 2011.

- Street Festival in Sopron, with the Roman carriage. 10th July 2011.

- Amphitheatre games, performances of Celtic, Roman, and Early Hungarian tradition-preserver equestrian archers, 10th July 2011.

- Transportation the Roman carriage to Ptuj, Slovenia. 12th August 2011.

- Combining a DVD-film about the events of the Amber Expedition project in Sopron, with help of the Sopron TV and Pulzus TV. Second half of the year 2011